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"Girls want boys who want boys who want girls..."

"You make me wanna LaLa on the floor!"

19 January
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well im not really sure how me doing a blog

will go but ill give it a go and write in it when

i wanna! hehe. Ermmm well im me..im really happy most

of the time and love to have a over the top laugh

with my mates! hehe...ermmm im gonna add a link

now so you can go here and find out more about

me so its easier. its a profile for goths

which im not but me and my friend wanted to

see how goths would react to me being

on there and it seems the reactions was

very good! they liked me! woot! hehe well

here the link! enjoy the read on my and then

come back to read my blog!


I like my music (the killers new single is great!) anime, manga, havin a laugh, goin out with me buddies! hehe. And also i love doing photography! doing photographic art for my art GCSE at the moment! hehe
I dont like people who speak about me and point when i dont know them...3 people done it today one which stares at me once a day...hmmm why? i should ask.. and i dont like people i dont like who think i like them! lol..ermm theres not much i dont like which i can think of..oh well! hehe
Guess it's in all the those small things / Eyes closed or eyes open wide / something in the corner of everyone's love / See or look away again / this time I won't ignore / Not hesitate just adore

And I think I'm starting to come alive

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