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17th February 2005

10:15pm: http://www.livejournal.com/users/hobbz/



yeah go now, in 5 days this Journal will be deleted, not for the original reasons some may know but due to the reason, i wanna just have a fresh journal =)

thanks and if you still wanna read on i hope to see your comment on my first post there. bye for now to all the others.

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10th February 2005

11:30am: im ill and at home bored..
new journal look! =D

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9th February 2005

11:35pm: coutnaaayy
WHAO, not bad, but yanno, not good enough, you must
be some seedy Londoner, but hey keep up the
good work!

Are you an Essex playa?
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11:06pm: meh.. im getting bored of life..
nothing is happening at the moment.. its soo dull...
im starting to stock up for all the stuff i need for my photography sessions, done some photography today at home while ill... hehe.

meh.. ermm.. hmm life is dull....
i cant stand fat people... well yeah i know some and am friends with them.. but ergh.. i hate obesity..like c'mon get ahold of you life.. theres enough to grab..

hmm.. boredom

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9:20pm: Wife Swap
ohh my god.. watching wife swap.. and oh my god,, the most scummy family and most fattest family!
the mother dosnt wear makeup or anything, dont do her hair..nothing, OH MY GOD! whats wrong with the fat ugly thing!  She needs like 5 layers of makeup!
she even said "i once got my eye brow plucked, i got one done and i wanted hit the woman".......oh my god.. it dosnt even hurt, and god if ya need it take the pain!  wierdo...
she also was putting moisturiser on and she was calling it manky stuff...ermm c'mon you need it..
thank god there making her go to the other womens salon and get a make over...it wont help at her fat state but still...

now she is crying because she dont look like her, she looks better!
and all her fat kids are gettin annoyed because she cant cook properly, then cook for ya fat selves!...erghhh..
sorry im snobby.. but c'mon there disgusting.

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6:04pm: news
website news on my site:

::: Taken from a post on my forums i done ::
Im going to be re-doing the site (again! hehe) with a brand new look soon.
It will be more modern and more based around my photography.
There will also be new scripts on the website involving a new review submittion script which will allow you to discuss the reviews and such posted on the site and even post your own reviews.

There will also be new mini pages ill be hosting for friends of mine.

Im currently setting up a webcam portal for the website too, which will go through beta testing for about a 31 days, im going to run it through beta etc to test the bandwitdh and space it uses.

Im going to do this because it will bring in a new type of viewers and members to the site and if all goes well i will introduce a paid subscription service and also envolve the forums to be more like the larger forums around these days (paid subscriptions will help me pay for bigger hosting packages and maybe in the future if the site gets popular my own server)

If you own a webcam and are intresting helping me do BETA testing on the new feature then please tell me, either reply here, PM me or email me at: hobbsy@gmail.com


:: end ::
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8th February 2005

10:27pm: Boys in the girls room, girls in the mens room...
taken from AIM... i thought i would post it in randomness!
[22:23] HobMini: oh it was soo funny today, i got this walk-o-meter in the post, (its a thing which says how many steps you have done) and in form time in school me and my friends were messing around and one of em asked if it works properly, so i got up and counted my steps and just as i was turning around i slipped over in the most comical way! it was soo funny!.. reminds me of the time in PE when we was doing tennis and i shouted out im a clown and just as i did i got my leg stuck in the tennis net and fell down..lol.  im very clumsy

 im currently redoing my websites menu and changing two pages to two new pages! oooh the mystery! KAPOW!
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7th February 2005

11:20pm: hmmm yes.. me
ok.. is it me of do i have asian looking eyes? lol. (i hope thats not racist to say that :S)
also.. i have huge lips dont i? i was once told i had BJ lips.. hehe. i think thats a good thing.

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7:16pm: japanese!!
well im going to learn japanese for sure now ^_^ ... hmm i need more fun things to do, lifes getting boring, and its such a cool language to write and speak.

so if anyone else is wanting to learn it aswell, tell me!  we can like sorta learn and chat about it.. hehe ^_^
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6:44pm: ok.. ok.. my mum was wrong, i just asked my brother how the interview went and he said "its tomorrow if the bird shows up".. its for any part, infintary i think he is going for though.
i just wanted to show some intrest.. he didnt seem to wanna speak about it though. hmm..

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6:38pm: im not selling the ipod mini on ebay anymore. some person put like 20 of em on there for £80.. so yeah.. im keeping it..lol

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5:31pm: 意はヴぇ銃stふぃにしぇd雪隠gうpmy子mぷてr印じゃ派寝せあすぇll亜s円gぃshのw。。ティspロバbly負けの宣せあすぇll。。マインlyべかうせ意mtyぴうんg印円gぃsh部t印じゃ派寝せてxt。。母母。。。。意m祖ぼれd。。意ぉヴぇ画y

...well thats not gonna e sence...writing in english but with japanese hiragana.. hehe...

hmmm im gonna trnaslate it and see: (using a website, i still got a long way to go to learn it, im at the start! lol.  but im going to do it!! ^_^

okie transltaed.. hehe comes out as mother mother..lol. wow i sound so clever with what came out from my random typing which was about yping and at the end gay porn..hahaha

It designates mind as the ヴ ぇ gun st ふ ぃ, ぇ d snow hidden g う pmy child m ぷ て r sign w of group sleeping せ tomorrow ぇ ll sub- s circular g ぃ sh. . Declaration せ tomorrow ぇ ll of ティ sp donkey bly being defeated. . The マイン ly べ the せ mind mty ぴ う which is applied it is g sign circular g ぃ sh section t sign group sleeping せ て xt. . Mother mother. . . . Mind m ancestor/founder ぼ れ d. . Mind ぉ ヴ ぇ picture y

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4:00pm: i was wrong my brothers interview for the army was today.. hmm wonder how it will go..or how its gone..

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12:32am: Queer As Folk
ok.. im going asleep now leaving you all with a haaaaaawt QaF post..lol. must start downloading the uk series soon... totally sucks i missed it all when it was on tv

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12:24am: war
my brothers actually serious about joining the army.. he has a interview thursday.. or tuesday (?)...im shocked..
its sorta wierd.. that one day i may be watching the news and actually worrying and caring alot more about whats going on in iraq.. and soon iran..
he is a dumbass for joining the army at such a time, yeah yeah it IS a good career but its also a very dangerous one.
once they finished training him there gonna send him off to iraq straight away..
they only went into his college recruiting because most people dont wanna go to war, so instead they pursued people to do it.  and hey it worked on some.

oh well im not going to stop him, if its what he wants he should.  like i said it is a good career.
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6th February 2005

11:21pm: "If there is someone on your friends list you would like to take, strip naked, tie them to a bed post, lick them until they scream, then fuck them until both of you are senseless and unable to fuck anymore, then wait about 5 minutes, and do it all over again, then post this exact sentence in YOUR journal."

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11:11pm: PORN!
would you ever get a escort?  for some fun ;)

...well i would if they looked this fine!! heheheheh

DO NOT LOOK IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY FULL FRONTAL MALE NAKEDNESS!........if you find that offending, you must be very boring! hahahahahaha. in your face...hahahahahaha........im so bored..

anyway its a russian escort..russian porn stars seem to be hot..all the time..
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8:17pm: stolen from josh..again
WOW! What a suprise! You're an "Elite
Queer." Everyone knows you, you're
beautiful, always in style, mommy and daddy buy
you everything, And the most popular in the gay

What kind of queer are you?
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8:11pm: 日本語を学ぶことを行くこと!
i have decided im going to learn japanese. hehe ^_^
starting today.. i got a dictionary already for japanese to english and english to japanese. hehe ^_^ i dont leanr any language's at school because i didnt wanna learn french or germen etc, so i dropped the subjects to speacilize in tech.  So its not like its gonna pile on to other language =D
well.. im gonna try. may take ages. but i wanna learn it! hehe
would be so cool >_<!

ill be writing and speaking it.. ooooh! hehe
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7:57pm: stolen quiz from josh
Your are a Passionate 'In the Moment' Kiss! You
love to make things a little sweeter than they
already are. Or maybe you just enjoy being one
damn hot boy!

What kind of Hot Boy Kiss are you??
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3:07am: nite nite messege
im starting to love japanese music again.. hehe

anyone heard of The Seeker? i really like there songs :D

..but..oh my god.. how girly is this man! hehe. its soo cool! lol

the other man is not as girly.

i love how in japan they have all these styles no one would have here and be liked for. lol .

listen to there songs here:

good night all!
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Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...mysterious
Your hugs are...warm
Your eyes...burn into my heart
Your touch is...irresistable
Your smell is...refreshing
Your smile is...entrancing
Your love is...one of a kind
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12:45am: new drawing
i finished another drawing :D

lookie lookie

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5th February 2005

7:23pm: drawing
i have been very creative recently. lol

done this drawing (i removed the lines, looked better)

and ive done a few photos!!

but im lazy so check them out at my website gallery

tell me what ya think by commenting there! not here =P
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6:36pm: http://users7.cgiforme.com/saturn4/messages/1813.html

madonna - love profusion

hehe its a really good video :D i really like that song too.. well i likd that whole album

i found this website when i was looking at my website stats and i can find out if its being advertised or mentioned elsewhere and hey it was mentioned here, so i also left a thank you messege ^_^
alsooooo the cool thing, this is like got tons of gay porn on. lol
the porn has started to find me now! woo i dont have to find it. lol

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